Prior to the digital age, I enjoyed traditional film photography, particularly large format 4X5. At the end of the day, if you produced 30 images you were aggressive. It took a lot of time setting up and capturing a subject. It was a highly involved process of handling sheet film from the film box to darkroom, ensuring only the exact amount of light, through the shutter, came in contact with the film. Every sheet required a formula of exposure/development based on the range of light.

And then there was the darkroom, where 98 percent of time was allocated to the process with only two percent for creativity. In contrast, digital is the reciprocal affording far more time to create. No regrets, for those early years taught me to see and understand what and why I was capturing a particular scene or subject.

Over the years, my passion for photography helped hone my sight to see the extraordinary  nuances and subtleties of the wonderful things around us; shapes, forms, textures, patterns, contrast, colors, and especially light and then add people, cityscapes, landscapes, architecture, and the rest of our world around us it becomes an endless array of scenes and subjects to capture. And, then apply the many other art mediums; paint, watercolor, sculpture, serigraphy, mixed media, collage, etc. and like the universe there is no end to the possibilities.

In recent years I have worked in other art forms, namely encaustics, mixed media and collage. Those pieces have yet to make their way to this site. Hopefully, they will soon. Van Gogh once said, “I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.” A great mantra to live by. 

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