Viet Nam - People
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Viet Nam - At Night
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Viet Nam - People

The following images were taken during the last three weeks of January 2017, Viet Nam’s celebration of Tet, their Lunar New Year. It’s a wonderful time to visit the county when activities are at the highest. The streets are alive with local people preparing for this most important time of the year when families get together.

This trip marked my fourth visit to Viet Nam with my first visit in 1996. Much has changed since then except for the people.  The Vietnamese are the friendliest and most hospitable people I know of. A smile, a nod, a simple xin chào (hello), or better yet, Chúc mừg năm mới (Happy New Year), opens their world to you.

As a photographer, the Vietnamese are very receptive to being photographed. Take that fact along with the vibrant beauty of this magnificent country and it explains my love for this place. 

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Viet Nam - At Night

Night brings another amazing view of Viet Nam especially in Hoi An and Hanoi.

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